Bia Loyalty program

We are so proud of your dedication to become a better professional and we want to reward you.

Introducing you our very own Bia Loyalty program.

How to earn Bia points?

Want to know the fastest way to maximize your Bia points?

Bia referral program

This means YOU will be awarded Bia points for referring your friends or your co-workers.

The more people you refer, the more Bia points you receive.

After 5 successful referrals, you will be admissible to our affiliate program!

Here's how:

1. Your friend purchases using your referral link

50 Bia Points

2. Your friend signs up to Bia using your referral link

50 Bia Points

How to spend my Bia points on the website

By engaging on our new platform you will help us create a community where rehabilitation professionals are empowered by the transfer of scientific knowledge and innovative technologies.

Welcome to the Bia family!

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