Clémence Pouit



Nutrition, Physical activity

Quebec, Canada
/ French
Passionate about cooking and culinary discoveries, and motivated by the desire to help people, the nutrition field attracted Clémence Pouit very quickly. She is now a nutritionist specialized in sports nutrition and working within ÉquipeNutrition network for the Centre Sportif de l’UQAM.


Originally from France, Clémence began her studies by following a dietician-nutritionist program at the Université de Bordeaux. Her curiosity pushed her to explore new horizons, leading her to participate in an International Nutrition academic exchange at the Université de Montreal. At that moment, she decided to settle down for good, completing her bachelor’s degree in nutrition at the Université de Montreal and becoming a member of the Ordre Professionnel des Diététistes du Québec afterwards.

As a clinician and lecturer within the ÉquipeNutrition network for the Centre Sportif de l’UQAM, Clémence was able to deepen her passion and expertise for sports nutrition during conferences with UQAM Citadins and in private practice with athletes seeking to optimize their performance (hockey players, triathletes, cyclists, marathoners, ultra-endurance athletes and powerlifters).

Convinced that nutrition is essential to maintain good health, she wants to promote the profession either through individual counseling or through conferences to the general public.

University studies:

  • Bachelor’s degree, Nutrition (Université de Montréal, 2019)

Courses & Webinars

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Sports Nutrition

Clémence Pouit
7 hrs

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