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Interdisciplinary clinic

Saint-Georges, Quebec, Canada
/ French


The well-being of families and children is our priority at the Clinique Ostéo-Physio Familiale de Saint-Georges de Beauce

Clinique Physio-Ostéo Familiale Saint-Georges is inspired by the two other clinics that make up the Clinique Physio-Ergo Saint-Georges and Physio-Ostéo des Etchemins teams.

We treat all members of the family, and offer a complete assessment and treatment service for babies and children, thanks to a team that has chosen to work primarily with this clientele. What all our therapists have in common is their love and passion for your little ones’ development!

You’ll meet professionals who are physiotherapists in perineal rehabilitation, osteopaths, acupuncturists and occupational therapists for children.

Your family clinic for all your health needs! 

The Clinique Ostéo-Physio Familiale was born of a dream shared by two friends: to make osteopathy, practised by recognized professionals, and perineal physiotherapy more widely known. Another goal was to offer a complete service for the assessment and treatment of babies and children, so we worked hard to set up a team specializing in this clientele. We are now surrounded by therapists who are complementary and who will ensure that you receive the service that’s right for you!

We share the same vision for our clinic: to use the strength of teamwork formed by therapists who are just as passionate as we are about our respective work. We advocate multidisciplinary work!

We’re very proud to welcome you to St-Georges, where your well-being and that of your children is our top priority!

Our values

  1. Teamwork
  2. Trust
  3. Authenticity
  4. Concern for others


Our mission

To help you realize your full potential!

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Clinique Ostéo-Physio Familiale
Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Physical activity, Women's Health
Saint-Georges, Quebec, Canada / French
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Our clinic is currently recruiting a physiotherapist who would like to work in perineal rehabilitation with a team that treats pregnant women, post-delivery follow-up and many other reasons for consultation in the perineal sphere.