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Levis, Quebec, Canada
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Physiothérapie des Rives’ mission is to provide the best physiotherapy care by meeting the expectations of its patients in the shortest possible time. For Physiothérapie des Rives, it is important that the cause of the problem be identified and that effective and long-lasting treatments be offered.

In order to do so, the professionals at Physiothérapie des Rives regularly follow continuing education courses with recognized organizations and share their knowledge on the various musculoskeletal pathologies.

Teamwork with different health professionals also allows us to be more efficient in our interventions and thus accelerates the recovery of our clients.

Physiotherapy trainees from Laval University also benefit from this interactivity during their visits to our clinics.

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Physiothérapie des Rives
Neurology, Paediatrics
Lévis, Québec / French
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Physiothérapie des Rives is seeking 2 physiotherapists for a full-time position at its Laurier-Station clinic and a full-time position at its Lévis (Saint-Romuald) clinic.

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