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Join our occupational therapy team! We have openings for a musculoskeletal specialist (CNESST/SAAQ/Private clientele) and a mental health specialist (major depression).

Our advantages:

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We have two positions available on our occupational therapy team:

  • A musculoskeletal position;
  • One in mental health.


Physiothérapie Boisbriand has been well established in Boisbriand since 1989, and is a multidisciplinary team of over 25 therapists. We all work together to put patients’ needs first and find the best solutions to help them. We also promote work-life balance.

We are also fortunate to have the collaboration and training of our two specialist physicians, an orthopedist and a physiatrist.

For the musculoskeletal position, deal mainly with CNESST/SAAQ/Private clientele with physical problems.

  • Gradual start: first week 100% observation and training with experienced occupational therapists and physiotherapists;
  • Individual time with the head occupational therapist once a day for the first few weeks;
  • CNESST/SAAQ clientele: formula of 3 patients per hour (2-1-2-1);
  • We offer 60-minute training sessions per week for hand therapy with Peter Korkmaz, erget CHT. You’ll be ready to treat this type of problem by your second year of service;
  • We offer you the opportunity to learn more about the biomechanical approach through four courses given by our physiotherapy team.


The mental health position treats patients with primarily mental health problems, such as major depression. In most cases, this is done under contract with external providers (CNESST/SAAQ/Private Insurers).

  • Training with an occupational therapist who has several years’ experience in chronic pain and mental health;
  • Flexible schedule according to your availability;
  • Possibility of hybrid work (in-clinic and teleworking).


Advantages for both positions:

  • Very competitive remuneration;
  • Training course budget ($1500 for full-time);
  • Group insurance, including drug and dental coverage. Available according to the number of hours worked;
  • Hiring bonus;
  • Dynamic work environment;
  • Flexible schedule, full-time, part-time, day and/or evening;
  • Special employee price to benefit from treatments at the clinic;
  • Shared lunch, meal times are common.


Possibility for a candidate to do both positions if interested.

Contact us to visit our environment and to meet our team of occupational therapy firefighters with over 40 years’ experience. Start your career with the support you need to thrive as an occupational therapist.

We offer you:

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Physiotherapy Boisbriand is a stimulating, family-friendly, and welcoming multidisciplinary team composed of over 25 healthcare professionals, including physiotherapists, physiotherapy technologists, massage therapists, osteopaths, occupational therapists, acupuncturists, and our specialist doctors. The presence of our specialist doctors in physiatry and orthopedics is one of our great strengths, contributing to the support and training of the team in more complex cases.

We pride ourselves on our unique, personalized approach with new graduates. The clinic offers between 30-50 hrs of training/mentoring during your first 3 months of practice! This gentle integration is designed to build trust and ensure that ensure that you have all the tools you need to help your patients achieve their specific goals.

Renovated in 2021, our two branches have been well-established in Boisbriand since 1989. https://youtu.be/0rrlbQ-j6_k 

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Peter Korkmaz
2258, boul du Faubourg, Boisbriand, Qc, J7H 1S3

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