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Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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We are looking for a physiotherapist who would like to work in the field of orthopedics and sports physiotherapy with an active, sports-oriented clientele of all ages. We’re looking for dynamic professionals who are motivated to perfect their skills. We aim to nourish the passion, acquire new knowledge and broaden expertise. It is under common values and principles that we work to grow professionally, as well as personally, within the organization.

Our advantages:

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Working in a private clinic with a private clientele, less than 10% of our clientele represents workers or road accident victims.

Patients are seen in 60-45 or 30 minutes, depending on your expertise and the patient’s condition.


  1. Interest in orthopedics, sports medicine and orthopedic manual therapy
  2. Functional rehabilitation skills
  3. Knowledge and expertise in sport as a participant, coach, etc.
  4. Openness to work in an integrative team
  5. Knowledge of modalities and energy medicine
  6. Communication skills, computer knowledge (electronic records)
  7. Expertise in areas of care offered at the clinic (athletes, triathletes, pediatrics, TMJ, concussions, chronic pain, perineal etc.)
  8. Opportunity to work at the Olympic Park in Montreal and Saint-Lambert an asset.

We offer you:

Salary Range

67,340$ – 115,440$, plus benefits

STADIUM PhysiOsteo clinics are multidisciplinary clinics offering integrative rehabilitation services to the active population and to athletes of all levels.  Our clients consult us for musculoskeletal disorders, pain that restricts their activities or conditions affecting their health.

Located in Montreal’s Olympic Park and in Saint-Lambert, on Montreal’s South Shore, our clinics bring together over 50 employees and consultants working in close collaboration.

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Contact Information

Contact person
Charlen Berry
4553 Pierre de Coubertin, Montréal, QC H1V 3N7
514 259-4553