Key Points / 2022 / Chronic non-reducing disc dislocation: when the body adapts itself to resolve the issue over time

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Disc dislocation, Temporomandibular joint

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The course “Temporo-mandibular disorders” by Bahram Jam



Mazza, D., Stasolla, A., Kharrub, Z., Maccioni, F., & Marini, M. (2004). MRI evaluation of morpho-structural alterations of the retrodiscal tissue in condylo-meniscal incoordination of the TMJ: usefulness of individualised T2-weighted TSE sequences. La Radiologia medica, 107(3), 261–268.

Poluha, R. L., Canales, G. T., Costa, Y. M., Grossmann, E., Bonjardim, L. R., & Conti, P. (2019). Temporomandibular joint disc displacement with reduction: a review of mechanisms and clinical presentation. Journal of applied oral science : revista FOB, 27, e20180433.  Click here

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By Bahram Jam

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