Publication Summary / RCT / Cacciari L.P. / 2022 / Is group-based preventive pelvic floor muscle training during pregnancy more cost-effective than postnatal training for women with urinary incontinence?
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Cost-effective approach, Group-based training, Older women, Pelvic floor muscle training, Urinary incontinence

Level of Evidence

Level of evidence: High

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Cacciari, L. P., Kouakou, C. R., Poder, T. G., Vale, L., Morin, M., Mayrand, M. H., Tousignant, M., & Dumoulin, C. (2022). Group-based pelvic floor muscle training is a more cost-effective approach to treat urinary incontinence in older women: economic analysis of a randomised trial. Journal of physiotherapy, 68(3), 191–196.

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