Demystify pre and post partum training – Level 1

Some health care professionals are not comfortable guiding women in the design of a prenatal exercise program or a post-natal fitness program. Out of embarrassment or ignorance, both health care professionals and clients will not address pelvic floor issues following childbirth, believing that the issue will not be influenced by the choice of exercise. These women do not know how to train, how to adapt their physical activities, or even where to start!

This course is designed for all health professionals who wish to work with pregnant and postpartum women.


  1. Know the anatomy and role of the pelvic floor and deep abdominals
  2. Understand pelvic floor and abdominal issues and risk factors in the prenatal period
  3. Understand the difference between the risks of activities for the fetus versus the health of the mother
  4. Know how to accommodate athletes, sportswomen and inactive women during pregnancy
  5. Know the recommendations for physical activity for pregnant women (what activities to choose, when)
  6. Understand postnatal rehabilitation depending on the condition (cesarean section vs. vaginal delivery)
  7. Know the problems of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles in the postnatal period as well as the risk factors
  8. Understand the relationship between the diaphragm, transverse abdominis and perineum
  9. Know where to start in terms of physical activity in the postpartum period
  10. Understand the importance of physiotherapy and kinesiology management

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