Demystify pre and post partum training – Level 2

This course is only available in French.

Level 1 is a prerequisite for level 2.

Various problems are encountered in the pre- and postnatal period. It is important to intervene appropriately as a health professional working in women’s health, to refer to our colleagues and to collaborate with them for appropriate interventions. This is the key to Level 2: interdisciplinarity!

In this course, you’ll learn about the different perinatal problems and the therapeutic tools used by other health professionals to refer to the right people depending on the source of the patient’s pain and discomfort. You’ll understand exactly what goes on in perineal physiotherapy.

Finally, the course stands out for its 10 case histories: 5 case studies of pregnant women and 5 case studies of new mothers. Find out not only how the physiotherapist focuses, but also how the kinesiologist works with this type of client.

As a bonus, you’ll find over sixty exercises adapted for each case story presented, to guide and inspire you in your future interventions!


  1. Recognize the most common musculo-skeletal problems in pregnant and postnatal women.
  2. Recognize the most common pelvic floor problems in pregnant and postnatal women.
  3. Develop a biomechanical analysis process for pregnant and postnatal women in order to optimize a personalized exercise program.
  4. Acquire new therapeutic treatment and exercise tools for various problems encountered during pregnancy and postnatally.
  5. Adapt interventions, activities and exercises to the different stages of pregnancy and postnatal care.
  6. Understand the interdisciplinarity between the kinesiologist and the physiotherapist in perineal and pelvic rehabilitation.

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