Global Pain Management: Yoga

This course will help to understand why yoga is showing increasing application in rehabilitation and in the management of persistent pain.

A brief history of yoga and its foundations will be presented in relation to the latest evidence about the potential mechanisms of its clinical application.

This course will address the 8 branches of yoga and how they can benefit the health care professional and their clients. It will introduce the basics of yoga therapy and its various professionals.
This course also aims to understand the basics of the application of asanas (yoga postures) in rehabilitation. It will address how asana differs from traditional exercises. How asana, as part of a complete system, can assist the rehabilitation health professional.

An overview of the most common asanas will be presented in a workshop format. This course will help you integrate these postures into your clinical or telerehabilitation practice. It will also help you understand how to build a yoga sequence to better serve your clients in their rehabilitation or with persistent pain. Integration practices of the 8 branches will be offered and their clinical applications will be discussed.


  1. Understand the basic history of yoga and its application in rehabilitation.
  2. Identify the 8 branches of yoga and their application in rehabilitation.
  3. Explain the neuroscience of the stress response and how yoga can influence this response.
  4. Identify the potential mechanisms of yoga’s effects in rehabilitation in the literature.
  5. Know the various yoga professionals and their scope of practice.
  6. Understand the basics of yoga therapy.
  7. Identify the difference between yoga postures (asanas) and conventional exercises.
  8. Experience asana practices in relation to conventional exercises in rehabilitation.
  9. Describe various yoga postures and their application in rehabilitation.
  10. Understand the basic yoga sequence.
  11. Integrate asana into a comprehensive rehabilitation yoga system.
  12. Experience typical yoga in rehabilitation sessions.
  13. Understand the concepts of mindfulness therapy and its clinical application.
  14. Integrate the basics of yoga in rehabilitation and persistent pain management in a clinical or telerehabilitation setting.