Rehabilitation Strategies for Patients with Cancer – Level 2

Enhanced Clinical Practice-Management of Cancer Patients

The treatment of patients with past or present history of cancer in general physiotherapy or medical exercise training is becoming more common. This course will focus on general safety considerations as well as the indications and contraindications for choice of specific treatment modalities including exercise prescription. An overview of a select number of more prevalent cancers (breast, lung, hematological) as well as the more serious consequences of cancer and its treatment(bone metastasis, radiation fibrosis, lymphedema) will be introduced as a foundation for development of a greater oncology specialized practice.


  1. Recognize and understand the unique rehabilitation needs related to:
    • Pathology, location, and stage of disease for specific cancers
    • Medical treatment interventions related to specific cancers including surgical reconstruction
    • Dysfunction commonly associated with specific cancers including: breast, prostate, lung, head and neck, and hematological cancers.
  2. Derive assessment protocols based upon:
    • Stage of disease and prognosis 
    • Goals of patient and residual functional problems
    • Outcome measures validated in specific populations
    • Clinical observations related to the common side effects of treatment
    • Physical examination and functional testing appropriate to the cancer location and trajectory
  3. Derive intervention strategies based upon realistic goals and client-centered outcomes that may include but not be limited to:
    • Education
    • Manual therapy
    • Therapeutic exercise 
    • Functional testing and activity training

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