Sports Nutrition – Part B

This course is only available in French.

This section is intended for health professionals and will address more specific topics in sports nutrition such as vegetarianism and supplementation. Also, this course will focus on three major problems often encountered by athletes, which in the long term can have a major impact on performance and health. These three issues are: concussions, injuries and anemia in runners as well as the relative energy deficit syndrome (RED-S).

Science-based management strategies will be presented and tools will be offered to ensure that you are more competent in managing these types of situations.


  1. Update the scientific knowledge related to vegetarianism
  2. Recognize the myths that circulate about vegan athletes
  3. Know the issues and specific needs of vegan athletes
  4. Know the nutritional recommendations and specific needs for a vegetarian athletic clientele.
  5. Update the scientific knowledge related to concussions, injuries and anemia in runners as well as RED-S.
  6. Develop an optimal accompaniment in these particular situations
  7. Facilitate the return to training and minimize the long-term negative impacts
  8. Allow for adequate education of athletes in order to prevent the development of such problems
  9. Know the winning strategies related to nutritional supplementation
  10. Know the issues of false positive doping tests
  11. Educate athletes about the marketing of food products for sale