Introduction to Pelvic Floor Implications for Runners

Running is a complex biomechanical process which can be derailed by pelvic floor dysfunction. Conversely, the impact of running can result in pelvic floor dysfunction and injury to the pelvic floor muscles. Runners have unique physical, nutritional, and psychological needs that require special attention from pelvic floor physical therapists. Additionally, runners often present to orthopedic specialists with knee and hip injuries that do not resolve as expected due to the presence of pelvic floor impairments that are missed by orthopedic physical therapists. Pelvic floor and orthopedic practitioners can provide necessary physical therapy treatment to address issues for runners and work in tandem for optimal rehabilitation of runners with pelvic floor dysfunction.


  • Know the anatomy of the pelvic floor, its myofascial and neural connections, and the pathophysiology that leads to dysfunction.
  • Identify pelvic floor conditions/symptoms that would lead to altered running behavior or performance.
  • Recognize signs/symptoms that warrant referral to a pelvic health specialist (differential diagnosis)
  • Determine appropriate treatments for the various pelvic floor-related running impairments.

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