Mental Health has to Flow for Treatment to Go

This course is only available in French.

Providing health care is very rewarding, but can also become more burdensome for the therapist at times.

In this course, professionals will learn tools to manage the stress and burden associated with the clinical reality of being a health care professional. A review of the literature demonstrating the personal and professional benefits of a self-care routine will be discussed.

The professional will learn techniques and strategies to better integrate self-compassion into his or her daily life in order to offer the best of himself or herself to his or her clients.


  1. Identify the risks of burnout in health care professionals.
  2. Understand the latest evidence related to compassion, meditation and yoga in the therapeutic relationship and the prevention of burnout in the health care field.
  3. Explain the neuroscience of the stress response and identify its impact on the health of the professional.
  4. Create a compassionate self-care routine with a personal journal for the health care professional.
  5. Integrate the concepts of gratitude, values, meditation and intention into your care routine.
  6. Learn the benefits of self-care and self-compassion practices.
  7. Experience a yoga practice related to self-compassion as a health care professional.

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