Global Approach to Pain Management: Breathing (French Version)

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This course reviews breathing mechanics as well as efficient and inefficient breathing patterns. It will present tools to quickly evaluate the breathing mechanics of your clientele in the context of pain management. It will address the concepts of awareness and regulation of the breath.

Inspired by yogic pranayama techniques, several clinical tools for breath awareness and regulation will be taught and practiced. A case history will be provided and analyzed in order to integrate these concepts and better prepare for clinical application.


  1. Understand breathing mechanics in a clinical context
  2. Explain the neuroscience of the stress response and how it affects breathing mechanics
  3. Recognize effective and ineffective breathing patterns
  4. Subjectively and objectively assess breathing and breathing patterns
  5. Understand the difference between awareness and regulation breathing techniques
  6. Understand the basics of breath awareness techniques and its clinical application
  7. Be able to apply breath awareness techniques in clinical situations
  8. Understand the fundamentals of breath regulation practices and their clinical application
  9. Be able to apply breath regulation practices with their clients
  10. Determine the appropriate practices according to the nature of the client’s condition
  11. Understand the latest evidence related to breathing patterns and techniques in pain management and rehabilitation
  12. Integrate the clinical application of breathing techniques with case histories