Sports Nutrition – Part A


This course is only available in French.

This section is intended for health professionals and focuses on nutrition for athletes who perform in resistance, endurance and intermittent training. This course will allow you to develop the key learnings adapted to different sports and specific cases in order to acquire a global vision regarding sports nutrition for this type of clientele. Also, an update of the latest scientific evidence as well as practical applications will be presented.


  1. Update the scientific knowledge related to sports nutrition for these types of training
  2. Know the challenges, issues and specific needs of athletes and sportsmen according to their training
  3. Ensure optimal support for this clientele during competitions
  4. Know how to maintain health capital based on a healthy diet
  5. Know how to promote an optimal body composition
  6. Understand the impact of nutrients on performance
  7. Understand how nutrition can help facilitate the regeneration of muscle tissue, limit the development of fatigue and the risk of injury
  8. Know how to advise an athlete on the management of intestinal discomfort during exercise


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