Global Approach to Pain Management: Meditation (French Version)

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This course will present the theoretical and practical basis for the integration of meditation in the treatment of persistent pain.

An overview of the various types of meditation and their scientific validity will be discussed. It will provide a more in-depth understanding of mindfulness meditation and Dhyana, meditation in the yogic tradition.

Through clinical examples, tools will be presented and practiced to illustrate concrete clinical applications of meditation for the management of persistent pain.


  1. Understanding the basics of meditation in pain management
  2. Understand the latest evidence related to meditation in the treatment of persistent pain
  3. Be able to differentiate between various types of meditation, their foundations and benefits
  4. Understand the basics of mindfulness meditation and its clinical application
  5. Understand the basics of meditation in a comprehensive yoga system and its clinical application
  6. Explain the neuroscience of the stress response and how meditation can influence it
  7. Practice various meditation techniques
  8. Apply meditation techniques according to the target clientele
  9. Integrate the clinical application of meditation with case histories

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